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anger into growth




Guiding people to relate to their anger in a healthy way is what Healing Anger is about.

Anger moves us. Anger can be like a hot coal, only burning the one who holds it. When this occurs anger burns. Anger can also illuminate. Anger can move people to really pay attention to what needs to be looked at. In this healthier response to anger, we reflect, and choose who to speak with, how to speak, what to say, and become deliberate and thoughtful. The emotions are present, but are expressed without hostility.

People don’t often think of anger as healing, but we believe that in fact it is behind all significant change. Look at history. Do you think that maybe Ghandi was a little pissed off that the British were ruling India? What about Nelson Mandela? Any significant political change seems to start with anger. Anger can fuel you to do what is needed. When women attend our groups and individual counselling it is to turn that energy, that focus, that drive, into something that creates an accomplishment.

We have worked with thousands of people on this topic and have refined our work over the last 20 years so that you can benefit. This is our goal. Focus your anger so that everyone benefits.

To live a healthy life, we need the energy that anger provides us with to establish clear boundaries in a respectful way. In this sense, anger can be “healing”, that is, it can help us maintain integrity when people cross our boundaries, mistreat us, so that we are able to respond in a skillful, caring and effective way.


Healing Anger: Transforming Anger Into Growth

This book has helped thousands of people become more in charge of their response to anger, to others acting poorly, and to the things that trigger them. After reading the book people experience a deeper understanding of their own anger and gain insight into what is behind this powerful emotion.

What We Do

We offer a range of services to help you to discover how to deal skillfully with anger in a setting that suits your needs, in either individual, couple or group sessions. Although we provide the tools that help you deal with anger when it arises, we also focus on the question “Why am I getting this angry in the first place?” Through our work, we have found that people gain more effective control of their temper once they have insights about what lies behind their anger.

Healing Anger Group for Women

In our Healing Anger Groups for Women, we offer a safe and supportive setting where women learn to relate to this emotion in a powerfully caring and constructive way. Our groups run every 7 weeks and are held at our Downtown Vancouver office. The cost for these groups is $540, tax included and book included (scholarships available for those on income assistance or disability). Join our groups from anywhere in the world!

Individual & Couples Counselling

Individual and Couples Counselling can range from a one-off session to deal with a specific situation, to support during a specific process, to longer-term support in creating a deep and long-lasting transformation in your life. We have many years of experience working to help couples find ways to reconnect and resolve their differences, deepen their bond and grow together, or clarify if they need to separate, how they can do so in a caring and respectful way.


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