Is this for women only?


Our work is beneficial for all people, independent of their gender identity. The field of Anger Management has traditionally focused more extensively on dealing with the male perspective. One of our main contributions in this field is distinguishing the different needs when dealing with anger from a feminine perspective. Also, women’s challenges concerning anger are different from those men face and need to be addressed differently.

Having experience with people who deal with anger both in a masculine and feminine way, we can help. Healing Anger can help people understand each other better in their respective challenges, appreciate their resources, and find a balance in how they relate to and communicate their emotions.

Healing Anger’s group sessions are for women only, but we also offer individual counselling sessions for both men and women, and couples counseling. Learn more about our individual and couples counselling.

Healing Anger Group

The women’s Healing Anger Groups are held online. Join us for six 2-hour group sessions over Zoom. The cost for these groups is $630 (taxes and book included).

Healing Anger Advanced Course

This group aims to go even deeper in exploring our connection to our emotions, and finding healthy ways to express and learn from our emotions. Women that have already attended our healing anger group are welcome to join us.

Group Sessions for Men

Healing Anger works in partnership with Moose Anger Management. For group sessions for men, please visit Moose Anger Management.


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