How we work

We integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines to create a unique approach to anger management

At Healing Anger, we know that many people out there could benefit from our services. The people who contact us are committed to turn their anger into growth and want to make a real difference in their relationships. If that is your case, we are here to help you achieve just that.

At Healing Anger, we bring together expertise from many fields: from psychotherapy and coaching to literature and the arts as well as human resources management.

We integrate knowledge from diverse disciplines to create a unique approach to anger management. We bring a mix of a solid academic and professional background with over 40 years of combined practice in the therapeutic field. With expertise in dealing with people from all walks of life, from different countries, cultures, languages and situations, we can help bridge the difficulties in communication that drive people apart, and help turn conflict into a creative process.


 Healing Anger in Partnership with Moose Anger Management

Our sessions vary to suit each person.

For some people, it is enough to gain knowledge about different tools to respond constructively to the challenges in their everyday life. Others need to go deeper and address challenges that have been present over a significant period of time. For people who have found that traditional talk-therapy has not really been able to reach them, we offer a body-centered approach that supports the completion of unresolved dynamics in sync with the body’s own rhythm and pace.

Also, as we gain practice in being with our emotions, the pace of the work we do usually changes. Some people are ready to jump in and go deep from the first time we meet. Some people are new to therapy or counselling, and we need to establish a safe basis for them to explore difficult experiences first. We meet each person where they are at. To keep our work organic, we adapt to ensure our clients feel comfortable with the approach and the pace at which we are moving.


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