Healing Anger Groups

Relate to your anger and other emotions in a healthy way. Expand your understanding of yourself and your relationships. Learn alongside others who care enough to change what they do with their anger. Harness the energy that anger provides to establish clear boundaries in a respectful way.

Group sessions provide a very supportive, respectful and compassionate approach that allows the transformation of anger into something constructive. Participants expand their understanding of themselves and gain depth in their understanding of relationships by exploring their own and others’ experiences in relation to the themes and ideas presented.

Join our groups from anywhere in the world!

The cost and times are the same whether you join us in person or by video conference. The only extra fee is for postage for us to mail you a book (or you can opt for the e-book version). We have most people join us from Canada, but we also have had people join from many other countries as well.

Join our next Healing Anger Group for Women

In our Healing Anger Groups for Women, we offer a safe and supportive setting where women learn to relate to this emotion in a powerfully caring and constructive way. Our groups run every 7 weeks and are held at our Downtown Vancouver office. The cost for these groups is $540, tax included and book included (scholarships available for those on income assistance or disability).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our groups will happen online.


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