What we do

We offer a range of services to help you to discover how to deal skillfully with anger in a setting that suits your needs, in either individual, couple or group sessions.

Traditional Anger Management tends to focus on answering the question “What can I do when anger shows up to keep from losing my temper?” Although we also provide the tools that help you deal with anger when it arises, we also focus on the question “Why am I getting this angry in the first place. Especially over things that I do not need to be so angry about?”

Through our work, we have found that people gain more effective control of their temper once they have insights about what lies behind their anger.

Take the courageous step, step into taking control over your own actions when anger arises.

How do I know if I could benefit from the kind of work Healing Anger offers?

At home: Have you found yourself having trouble controlling your temper in spite of wanting to, and not knowing what to do to keep it in check? Or do you hold your anger in and end up feeling like no one respects you until you explode?

At work: Does your way of dealing with upsets create problems with your supervisors, coworkers, employees and/or clients? Or do you repress yourself and end up feeling taken advantage of?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you can benefit from working with us.