Hi, my name is Trevor Bird.

How we relate to ourselves, is how we relate to the world.

I subscribe to the belief that all humans are an intricate mosaic of multiple parts. A simple way to relate to this statement is, a friend asks you for coffee, a part of you wants to go and a part of you wants to have a lie in, neither part is right or wrong, they merely have differing desires, needs and/or roles in your inner world. It is natural to allow our parts to rule our daily lives and many of us are not aware that we have a choice to be Self-led versus parts-led. Sometimes our parts’ reactions, choices and roles are okay and sometimes they get us into trouble even though our parts always want the best for us.

There is a way to develop a relationship with these parts, and find out why they do what they do. We can help heal pain, or shift our relationship to vulnerability that might be fueling an internal reaction. Once we do that, we have the ability to choose how we respond rather than react.

I actively use a parts-based therapeutic modality called Internal Family Systems or IFS, which is an evidence-based therapy that has efficacy in addressing and treating issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

My life has had no shortage of adverse experiences that I have worked through using IFS and parts work. To help me relate to the world and relationships from an open and curious state of mind, through learning to navigate my own complex internal world, I have a deep understanding and deep compassion for humanity.

Are you ready to learn how to lead yourself to lead others!

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