Individual & Couples Counselling

At Healing Anger we offer four kinds of individual sessions:

  • The Individual Healing Anger Course requires a minimum of 4 one-and-a-half hours sessions,  either in our downtown or North Shore offices or at a location convenient to you. If the sessions take place outside our offices, there will be an added charge for travel time.
  • Follow-up sessions are flexible in order to offer support in maintaining the changes started during the course. They can also provide support in dealing with deeper issues that can not be fully addressed in a 4 session course. The number and frequency of follow-up sessions are established individually.
  • Ongoing support for individuals can range from a one-off session to deal with a specific situation, to support during a specific process, such as a separation or the loss of a significant person, to longer-term support in creating a deep and long-lasting transformation in one’s life. The frequency and duration of the sessions can be adapted to respond to people’s needs and situations. As people increase their capacity to deal with their challenges, the frequency of meetings is reduced accordingly. If a crisis arises, the frequency of the sessions can be increased.
  • Master’s Integral Intuitive Psychotherapy brings together cognitive, emotional, spiritual and bodywork practices in a single session. Sessions allow people to integrate experiences that were overwhelming at the time they occurred, and this work is especially useful in cases where people feel that in spite of having done much psychotherapy, they find themselves still struggling with the same emotions and sensations.

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Combining individual and group sessions

Some clients choose to combine individual and group sessions. This approach allows them to go deeper in specific areas while still benefitting from the instruction of the group course along with the feeling that “they are not alone” — there are people just like them from all walks of life. Many feel that the experience of hearing from others, in an open and accepting atmosphere opens up a new insight on what is possible in relating to others.


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