Individual & Couples Counselling

At Healing Anger we offer four kinds of individual sessions:

  • The Individual Healing Anger Course requires a minimum of 4 one-and-a-half hours sessions, 6 one-hour sessions, online or in our downtown offices or at a location convenient to you. If the sessions take place outside our offices, there will be an added charge for travel time.
  • Follow-up sessions are flexible in order to offer support in maintaining the changes started during the course. They can also provide support in dealing with deeper issues that can not be fully addressed in a 4 session course. The number and frequency of follow-up sessions are established individually.
  • Ongoing support for individuals can range from a one-off session to deal with a specific situation, to support during a specific process, such as a separation or the loss of a significant person, to longer-term support in creating a deep and long-lasting transformation in one’s life. The frequency and duration of the sessions can be adapted to respond to people’s needs and situations. As people increase their capacity to deal with their challenges, the frequency of meetings is reduced accordingly. If a crisis arises, the frequency of the sessions can be increased.
  • Master’s Integral Intuitive Psychotherapy brings together cognitive, emotional, spiritual and bodywork practices in a single session. Sessions allow people to integrate experiences that were overwhelming at the time they occurred, and this work is especially useful in cases where people feel that in spite of having done much psychotherapy, they find themselves still struggling with the same emotions and sensations.
  • Compassionate Inquiry, a psychotherapy approach developed by Dr. Gabor Mate, can also be done per request. This work helps us to liberate ourselves from the unconscious dynamics that run us. Compassionate Inquiry reveals what lies beneath the appearance of what anger, sadness, shame, fear, and other emotions might appear externally. It unveils the level of consciousness, hidden assumptions, implicit memories, and body states underneath the situations we struggle with. 

Our individual sessions offer you the advantage of tailoring the course to your specific situation, making time for you to explore your needs, face your challenges, make the most of your resources, and learn new ways of relating to anger, to yourself and to the people in your life.

People who attend our sessions can expect to:

  • Gain more control over their responses when anger arises
  • Understand origins & effects of abuse and what can be done about them
  • Hear what has worked for others in similar situations
  • Reduce anxiety, increase connections with others and gain compassion
  • Develop a clear plan to deal with difficult situations when they arise

Individual sessions are ongoing and flexible. Each session is 1.5 hours. It is necessary to attend a minimum of 4 sessions to complete the anger management program. Please contact us to receive further information and to register for individual sessions at any time.

Individual sessions may take place at our office at #203 – 402 West Pender Street (at Homer) on special request, or online over Jane App/Zoom/Skype, etc.

Associate fees, Durwin Foster, MA, RCC, CCC, Furkhan Dandia, MACP, P.ENG, PMP, MBA, Jeff Markusoff M.ED, RCC, Tara Baty-Thomas MA, RCC, RCSW, Camilo Heredia, MBA, Brinta Dutt MA, RCC, CCC are $205 for one hour, and $273 for each 1.5 hour session. For the four session, 6 hour program the cost is $1130 tax and book included.  Couples sessions are $247 for one hour and $341 for 1.5 hours. EMDR sessions with Brinita Dutt MA, RCC, CCC are $250 for 90min and $330 for 1h50min.

Fees for Senior Associate, Steve Henne, PhD, RCC, CGP are $236 for 1 hour, and $331 for each 1.5 hour session. For the four session program the cost is $1361 tax and book included. Couples sessions are $299 for one hour, and $404 for 1.5 hours.

Fees for Senior Associate, Trevor Bird, MTC, IFSC, are $250 for 1 hour, and $325 for each 1.5 hour session. For the four session program the cost is $1361 and book included. Couples sessions are  $350 for one hours, and $400 for each 1.5 hour session.

Fees for the Founder and Director of the Men’s Programs, Alistair Moes, are, for individuals: $289 for 1- hr, and and for couples: $368 for one hour.

Fees for the Director of the Women’s Programs, Alejandra Proaño MA (Psy), MA (Lit), MSc, RCC are, for individuals: $263 for 1- hr, and for couples: $352 for one hour.

Connect with us today to learn how our services can support you.

Combining individual and group sessions

Some clients choose to combine individual and group sessions. This experience allows them to go deeper in specific areas while still benefitting from the instruction and the group’s support. No matter their background, people who attend the group usually report that the experience of hearing from others in a safe, open and accepting atmosphere opens up new insights on what is possible in relating to others. Group members usually mention feeling that “they are not alone” — there are people just like them, and people from all walks of life, in this healing journey.


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