Healing Anger Group (Level 1)

Our groups offer you the chance of learning alongside other women who, like you, care enough to change what they do with their anger. The women who participate expand their understanding of themselves and their relationships by exploring their own experiences in relation to the group and the ideas we present. People often find that others have similar experiences or gain insights into how other people’s experiences might differ. The group provides a very supportive environment where everyone is treated with respect and understanding from anger into something constructive.

The Healing Anger Groups for Women are now held over Zoom so you can join us from anywhere in the world!

The full price of the 12-hour Healing Anger course is $660 (including the $130 deposit).

Contact Alejandra by email or by phone at (778) 322-3329 to sign up or for more information.

The women who attend the group can expect to:

  • Understand the physiology and the neurobiology of anger and other emotions
  • Gain more control over the usual responses when anger arises
  • Reflect on the relationship between emotions, culture, and gender
  • Understand the origins and effects of abuse and what can be done about them
  • Hear what has worked for others in similar situations
  • Reduce anxiety, increase connection with others and gain compassion
  • Develop a clear plan to deal with difficult situations
  • Have a better idea of what to do when we deal with someone else’s anger

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